About Us


Hello! Hallo! Bonjour! Hola! こんにちは! السلام عليكم! 안녕하세요!

Well, hello there gorgeous! We are Erica (White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut) and Katrina (Chocolate Chip). Two cousins from California that do almost everything together from crafting to traveling. You seem to have good taste. Why don't you stay awhile? Get cozy. . . Not feeling especially cozy? We have blankets in Housewares that can help with that. Check back in for future team updates as we are trying to wrangle a few people in.



"Why are you guys called "The Grumpy Cookies" when you are the least grumpy people we know?"
- Katrina's Mom 

"What an adorable name! That made my day!" - Random Customer Service Agents

"So when can we order cookies?" - Erica's Coworkers

We know our name is unique, intriguing, delicious sounding even. . . I mean who doesn't love cookies? But that ain't it Y'all. Okay! We just can't keep anything secret from you. . . so truthfully, The Grumpy Cookie was in fact originally going to be the name of the bakery that Erica and I were going to open up.


You weren't really surprised were you?

You were?

Well if you were, we definitely have a wonderful offer for you! Both of us come from ROYALTY and have an account with 450 million dollars in it but we just need you to provide us with all of your banking information, social security numbers, favorite type of sandwich and your pets name to split it with you! I kid. We do indeed want to take your money . . . (Mama needs a vacation!) But we want to do it the right way. By you loving our stuff (like those blankets from Housewares) and buying it!

I digress. . .

Okay, so what really happened was in 2014 Erica was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. She has a big personality, a big heart, big hair. . . so of course she had to have a big cancer. So, The Grumpy Cookie Bakery was put on hold since Erica wasn't able to bake like a wild woman late into the midnight hour due to the neuropathy she dealt with after chemotherapy.

(Insert time slip with squiggly lines)

7 Years Later. . .

Everyone is locked away in their houses due to Covid . . afraid to sneeze, unable to smell, hording toilet tissue.  Erica and I are sitting at my kitchen table covered in glitter and hot glue and this conversation happened.

“Cousin, I still think we should go into business. I am tired of working for the Man. What if we sold our crafts as The Grumpy Cookie Crafts?”  - Katrina

“I love that idea Cousin! We can turn your shed into a craft room!” - Erica

“Yesss! I love She Sheds! Please pass me the green glitter.” - Katrina

But, that too didn't come to fruition and Erica would fight and kick the butt of another big cancer. . .

(Insert smaller time slip with squiggly lines)

2 Years Later. . .

It’s 2023 and The Grumpy Cookie name was still floating around due to it being secured as an email address; a daily reminder that we shared a dream of working together. Now, at this point we BOTH didn’t want to work for the Man. After death scrolling one night on Instagram, I came across a video on how to run your own business, and thought third times a charm. It was high time I wrangled my cousin into another idea where we get to be creative together.

(Insert an even smaller time slip with squiggly lines)

A Few Months Later. . .

So after months of lessons; trial and error, endless nights with no sleep, exhilarating times when it all came together and moments where we wanted to throw our computers in the trash we both are here today. We love this work and hope to continue making products people love as much as we do ( like those blankets from Housewares).

Thank you for stopping by our shop and taking the time to read about us. We hope you find something that you love.



The Grumpy Cookies